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Research is integral to the development of Nursing Science. Research studies focusing on improvement of Nursing Care Delivery and Patient Outcome, Quality Improvement in Nursing and Nursing Education are the focus of research at Amrita College of Nursing. Faculty and students are engaged in research activities in these areas.

B. Sc. Nursing students undertake group projects in the final year guided by faculty members. M. Sc. Nursing students undertake group project in the first year and individual research project in the final year under the guidance of faculty members.

Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

  1. A study to assess the efficacy of non-pharmacological intervention to reduce the impact of chemotherapy among children with hematological and solid tumors, Prof. P. Chitra.

  2. Effectiveness of a comprehensive nursing intervention package on the perinatal outcome of women with gestational diabetes mellitus, Lekha Viswanath.

  3. Tracking of blood pressure and effectiveness of multi component intervention programme on selected health related behavior patterns and physi-cal and physiological parameters of children in selected schools of Kerala, Mr. Sunil M.

  4. Perception of clinical learn-ing environment by the student nurses with a view to develop strategies for effective clin-ical learning environment, Prof. K. T. Moly, Prof. Kanmani Job, Febu Elizabeth Joy.

  5. A study to assess the trans cultural caring strategies of nurses, Moly Hem, Regina Antony, Anu K., Sijimol K. M.

  6. Assessment of the study skills of students at College of Nursing, AIMS, Cochin with a view to develop strategies to enhance their study skills, Laly K. George., Anitha Zacharias, Indu Sreekumar.

  7. A study to evaluate the ef-fectiveness of planned teaching Programme on knowledge regarding management of common behavioral problems of school children among primary school teachers working in selected schools in Ernakulum District, Prof. Sreedevi P. A., Sreejamol M. G., Febu Elizabeth Joy.

  8. An interventional study to evaluate the effectiveness of a nurse initiated Creating Opportunities for Parental Empowerment (COPE) programme on the perceived stress and self efficacy in care of children among parents of children under-going cardic surgery , Prof. Anila K. P., Sarika T. K.

  9. A descriptive study to identify the factors contributing to sensory perceptual alterations in patients admitted in the critical care units, Prof. Sheela Pavithran.

  10. A descriptive study to assess the prevalence of cognitive impairment and depression among rural elderly, Deepu Prasad.

  11. Assessment of perceived stress and coping styles of undergraduate nursing students in Kerala, Prof. K. T. Moly.
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Projects Completed

  1. Role strain and coping among caregivers of stroke clients - a mixed method research, Ms. Kanmani Job.

  2. Graduate nurses perception of Nursing Education among nurses graduated from nursing colleges of Kerala, Lekha Viswanath.

  3. Self care agency and self care practice of pregnant women with Diabetes mellitus, Lekha Viswanath.

  4. A study to assess the perceptions of childbirth among postnatal women, Lekha Viswanath, Jomy Joy, Linda Varghese & Anju Philip.

  5. Comparative study on fatigue and psychological distress among staff nurses, Sreedevi P. A., Sreejamol M. G., & Febu Elizabeth Joy.
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Recent Publications

Journal Papers :

  1. Ms. Seema A. S., Correlation of health related quality of life with other disease severity indices in Indian Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases patients, International Journal of COPD . 2012.

  2. Chitra P., Standards, Practice, and Safe handling of Chemotherapeutic Drugs, Prisms Nursing Practice, September 2011.

  3. Anu Kochanujan Pillai, Sharma K. K., Gupta Y. K., Bakshi S., Anti emetic effect of Ginger powder Vs Placebo as an add on therapy in children and young adults receiving High Emetogenic Chemotherapy, Pediatric Bolld and Cancer, 56: 234-238, February 2011.

  4. Chitra P., Foot Massage a Nursing Practice, Prisms Nursing Practice, March 2010.
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